Client-Owners want the best skilled craftspeople working with them. That is why more Client-Owners are choosing UA Local 401.

UA Local 401 has an excellent track record in performance, training, safety and quality. Our Standard for Excellence has become an integral article in our Collective Agreements.

As Client-Owners increasingly choose UA Local 401 members, our share of the competitive market has steadily grown. Additionally, UA Local 401 members meet the highly specialized requirements of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. These skills have made us the leading choice of major companies bidding in competitive tenders.

Elite companies know they can rely on the skill sets of UA Local 401 craftspeople to minimize deficiencies and work in highly regulated industries. SO CAN YOU!

Our Collective Agreements... The Foundation of Your Success

The flexibility and innovation of our collective agreements ensure profitability and success. We work with our partner contractors to develop winning strategies and fair agreements that lead to a healthy industry. Agreements which ensure that our members are treated equitably are the key to a good business relationship.

Additionally, our agreements allow us to negotiate separate, mutual agreements with an employer to advance both our needs and set out definable processes for quick and amicable resolve of issues.

Our agreements allow our Business Manager to use specific clauses to assist an employer in gaining more work for our members. Just like a strong foundation, our flexible and innovative collective agreements support a profitable partnership.

Our employers just pick up the phone, tell our Dispatch office which workers or skills you need, and we fill your order. When the job is done, our workers move on to other projects. As an International union, if we can't fill your needs locally, we will bring in members from across Canada and the USA to make sure you have what you need to win those bids.

The UA Standard Of Excellence

Our internal standard of excellence ensures a commitment to professionalism in all our activities. From dress, management of tools and respect for equipment, we know that a "work proud" approach leads to quality results and increased productivity