Our experienced, highly trained and incredibly motivated membership knows that working fast and smart is not just the results you want. They are the results you NEED!

It is always the UA Local 401 way to have it done right the first time. Ensuring the quality product we deliver, coupled with unparalleled productivity, UA Local 401 reduces costly repairs and delays, saving you both money and time. From our starting apprentices to our longest serving members, we train and upgrade our members to the highest industry standards. Our superior training instructors use the very latest technologies and techniques to advance our "Standard of Excellence".

We are proud that this commitment to superiority has resulted in our elite apprenticeship and continuing training courses being recognized across the industry and by governmental regulators from coast to coast. We know that our investment in membership training pays off in the long run, for us and for you!

Our Hiring Hall... Your Cost-Free Advantage

One of the biggest obstacles to productivity and profit is the lack of an adequate labour supply during construction peaks. Everyone wants the work that comes from construction peaks but the high turnover, the mushrooming recruitment costs and the lack of experienced and trained workers are headaches well avoided.

Nothing is more annoying than missing out on profitable contracts that you knew you could win.

Union employers don't have those worries.
They have a virtually infinite labour pool.

Our employers just pick up the phone, tell our Dispatch office which workers or skills you need, and we fill your order. When the job is done, our workers move on to other projects. As an International union, if we can't fill your needs locally, we will bring in members from across Canada and the USA to make sure you have what you need to win those bids.

Don't be left on the sidelines, when your labour force is just a phone call away.