UA Local 401 is a strong believer in supporting the communities in which our Members live and work. The quality of life for our members and their families is of the utmost importance to us.

This is what drives our Members to donate funds to the major cornerstones of our communities, particularly to facilities that are meant to protect and maintain good health and well-being.

Community Partnerships - Community Benefits

UA Local 401 has developed key partnerships with important players in the community, such as:

  • Friends of the Second Marsh
  • Kingston Sir John A. MacDonald Locomotive Restoration Project
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • Queens University
  • Trent University
  • Kingston General Hospital
  • Hotel Dieu Hospital Kingston
  • Providence Care St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital
  • Durham College
  • Loyalist College
  • Sir Sandford Fleming College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Lakeridge Health Corporation
  • The R. S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre
  • Peterborough Regional Health Centre
  • Cobourg Hospital
  • Belleville General Hospital
  • Community Living Oshawa/Peterborough/Brighton/Campbellford/Kingston

These critical partnerships have benefitted both the community as well as the Local. UA Local 401 assists these partners in their fundraising efforts at the beginning of their projects and stays with them to ensure fundraising goals are met. At the same time, our partners benefit from choosing UA Local 401 members to assist with their construction activities in a timely, safe and quality manner.

UA Local 401 also donates funds to a variety of smaller local and Canada-wide charitable organizations as a matter of goodwill and giving back to the community.

These acts of goodwill have had tremendous benefits for UA Local 401:

  • The partnership with Durham College has resulted in the adoption of a fair wage policy to ensure a level playing field in competitive bid processes between unions and non-unions
  • UA Local 401 significantly enhanced its reputation and brand awareness in the community (e.g. a classroom in UOIT's Science and IT Building is named after UA Local 401)
  • Donations to hospitals and other charitable organizations have allowed considerable other funds to be leveraged
  • Donations and work performance to hospitals have resulted in a ~95% success rate in terms of work for UA Local 401 Members at these hospitals and assisted in future recruiting efforts
  • Our contributions and the expertise of our members have also helped preserve community history as evident in the restoration project of the Sir John A. MacDonald Locomotive which will enhance the Kingston Waterfront. Community Involvement in Leading Edge Projects

UA Local 401 was a partner and a major financial supporter of the Durham College-UOIT Solar Vehicle Team. The team created a solar-power vehicle with the hope to compete in the World Solar Challenge. Local 401 generously offered the use of their shop for the construction of the chassis of the vehicle.